we grow together



01 about

we are here to make your life easier.

we are mothers and fathers.

what a great feeling to carry your newborn baby in your hands.

what a huge responsibility & exciting adventure.

we understand you, we have been at the same point where you are and we design the best products to make it as safe & easy as possible for you and your baby.


02 products


03 status

our first product CATCHY is in development right now. the patent we will most likely receive in the next 3 months. it is the only all in one solution for the diaper changing process worldwide. CATCHY combines maximum security with perfect comfort. at the moment we are focused on the third and final prototype that is developed together with the our chosen suppliers that also produce the serial product.


04 contact

you want exciting news about new products?


Tel: +43 664 83 84 987

Mortaraplatz 11, 1200, Wien, Austria

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